Symfony/app/console generate:bundle [–namespace=”…”] [–dir=”…”] [–bundle-name=”…”] [–format=”…”] [–structure

X:xamppphpphp X:xampphtdocsSymfonyappconsole generate:bundle –namespace=Acme/HelloBundle –format=yml
  Welcome to the Symfony2 bundle generator

Your application code must be written in bundles. This command helps you generate them easily.

Each bundle is hosted under a namespace (like Acme/Bundle/BlogBundle).
The namespace should begin with a “vendor” name like your company name, your project name, or your client name, followed by one or more optional category sub-namespaces, and it should end with the bundle name itself (which must have Bundle as a suffix).

for more details on bundle naming conventions.
Use / instead of for the namespace delimiter to avoid any problem.

Bundle namespace [Acme/HelloBundle]:Acme/HelloBundle

In your code, a bundle is often referenced by its name. It can be the concatenation of all namespace parts but it’s really up to you to come up with a unique name (a good practice is to start with the vendor name).
Based on the namespace, we suggest AcmeHelloBundle.

Bundle name [AcmeHelloBundle]:AcmeHelloBundle

The bundle can be generated anywhere. The suggested default directory uses the standard conventions.

Target directory [X:xampphtdocsSymfony/src]:X:/xampp/htdocs/Symfony/src

Determine the format to use for the generated configuration.

Configuration format (yml, xml, php, or annotation) [yml]:yml

To help you getting started faster, the command can generate some code snippets for you.

Do you want to generate the whole directory structure [no]? yes

  Summary before generation

You are going to generate a “AcmeHelloBundleAcmeHelloBundle” bundle
in “X:xampphtdocsSymfony/src/” using the “yml” format.

Do you confirm generation [yes]?yes

  Bundle generation

Generating the bundle code: OK
Checking that the bundle is autoloaded: OK
Confirm automatic update of your Kernel [yes]? yes
Enabling the bundle inside the Kernel: OK
Confirm automatic update of the Routing [yes]? yes
Importing the bundle routing resource: OK

  You can now start using the generated code!

  resource: “@AcmeHelloBundle/Resources/config/routing.yml”
  prefix: /
new AcmeHelloBundleAcmeHelloBundle(),

$bundles[] = new AcmeDemoBundleAcmeDemoBundle();


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